On Swains Island
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AA4NN At The Laundromat

Sula, Uti, Rowena - The Cooks

Swains Island Shower

Cecil & N6HC Play Checkers

All Packed And Ready To Go

NH8S Operating Team

Swains Motel

Swains Motel

Dinner At The Swains Cafe

Hermit Crab Races

Look At That Guy Move!

And We Have A Winner!

Shift Change On CW Station

Swainish Meatball Dinner

Rowena, Ursula Grilling Chicken

Blow Holes At Low Tide

CW Operators Overnight

SSB Operators Overnight

Swains Power & Light

Tim, Chief Island Engineer

Carl, K9CS After CW Shift


Arnie, N6HC nods off

Followed by Tom, ND2T

Then Craig, K9CT

Alan, K5AB At Lunch

Alan, K5AB and Clark, W8TN

Tom, ND2T At Lunch

Heavy Planning Meeting

Swains Sunset

Alan, K5AB Operates SSB
NA6M's Light Bulb Dummy Load

Making Repairs To Marine Ant.

Measuring Resonant Frequency

SM5AQD Tries Coconut Crab

W6KK Catches Some ZZZs

Hal, W8HC

NA6M Sending Logs To K6MM

The Swains Washroom

80M SSB Antenna Bent In Wind

K9CT Moves he 15M SVDA

Arnie, N6HC Working The Pileup

WB9Z crimps a connector

NH8S Mascot Under Palm Tree

NH8S Mascot running 6M

Swains Petroleum

Mahi Mahi For Dinner

AA4NN Enjoys Coconut Water

Mike, K9NW

Charlie, W6KK On A Break

DL3DXX Hitches A Ride

Collecting Rain Water

Swains Wash & Fold

David Jennings Coconut Crab

Coconut Crab Closeup

Putting Up The 6M Beam

Many Flags Of The Operation

DL3DXX Washing Clothes

Local Crab - Station Mascot

Lou, N2TU Working CW

David, N6HD See A Rainstorm

The Swains Cafe

160M Antenna Raising

Joe, W8GEX Cooling Off

The SSB Tent

Mark, NA6M Fixes It

Mark, NA6M Steering Lady Naomi

Mark, NA6M Maritime Mobile

Swains Island

Land Ho!

Getting Closer

There's The Beach

Nice Ride - CU In 2 Weeks

Barry, 9V1FJ

Alan, K5AB Adjusting Paddles

Craig, K9CT Testing Radio

David, N6HD and Jerry, WB9Z

Fresh Fish

David Jennings

Tom, ND2T Connects Coax

SSB Antenna Farm

Dietmar, DL3DXX

Joe, W8GEX

Hal, W8HC, Alex Jennings
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NA6M + K5AB: Texas to HNL

Honolulu Airport

Honolulu: Meeting For Dinner

Jet To American Samoa

Waiting To Board #3
Pre-Trip: Testing & Shipping Equipment
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July 17, 2012. Arnie, N6HC, packing pallets, loading the truck, and away it goes.
July 10, 2012: Testing All Equipment Before Shipping To Swains Island
Working in 105° South Carolina heat, Tom, N4XP and Paul, W6XA Test All Equipment Before Shipping
July 1, 2012: New Lexan Patch Panels
Kankakee Area Radio Society (KARS) President Bill N9OE (left) and Clay (N9IO) after completion of two 18" x 24" 1/4" Lexan coaxial patch panels for the Swains DXpedition.

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