Hawk Eriksson

Hawk has been born into ham radio, licensed since 1974. He enjoys DX-ing and Contests from his farm north of Stockholm. Hawk is well equipped with large antenna systems from 160 to 10m.

Hawk holds 9BDDXCC, 9BDWAS, 9BDWAZ, confirming 260 countries on 160m, 341 on 80m, 347 on 40m and over 2900 countries on DXCC Challenge.

Hawk has been a team member of the /OH0, OF0MA, D68C, A52SM and as a 2nd op from many locations over the globe.  Professionally, Hawk has been working as a Managing Director for middle size electronic companies the last 20 years, today he owns and manages a security alarm company.  Hawk is married and has 5 grandchildren.

He is looking forward for the upcoming pileup, he will work you all…..

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