Mike Tessmer

Mike was first licensed in 1979 and has been DXing and contesting ever since, along the way achieving DXCC with all current entities in the log, as well as 5BWAZ. He grew up in (W0) MN, lived for a long time in (W9) WI, and has lived in (W8) OH for the past 14 years.

He is a member of the ARRL, Southwest Ohio DX Association, Mad River Radio Club, and Society of Midwest Contesters.

Past DX activities include: C91NW, A25NW, 3DA0NW, YN2NW, VK9NW, ZF2JT, T88MR, V47NZ and numerous / ops from places like FG, FM, FS, KH6, KP2, KP4, PJ2, PJ7, TI5, TG9, VP2V, VP5 as well as contest operations from HC8N, 6D2X, PJ2T, KH7R, 6Y1V, PJ8Z, FG5BG, FS5PL, HT2N, TI5N and NP2B.


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