Grid Loc: AH48lw

Swains Island DXpedition

Arrival: September 5, 2012
On The Air: September 6, 2012
Off The Air: September 16, 2012
Departure: September 19, 2012

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Thanks To Everyone Around The World For Helping To Make Our DXpedition A Success!

Total QSOs:  105,455
Unique Calls:  26,010


New WUST Award

Final Update - 06-Oct-0100z....All operators have safely arrived back at their home QTHs.....More Photos will be added to the website soon, so check back again.....The team says "thanks to all of our friends worldwide for your tremendous support.  Best DX.".....73 from K6MM
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October 9, 2012
Press Release

Craig and I would like to thank everyone who worked us from Swains.  We made 105,500 qso's which made a lot of hams happy.  This is not a record but something we and the team are very proud of.  We had a great time but are glad to be back home with our families.

This was truly a remarkable trip in many ways.  We are very proud of our team as they performed remarkably well under unbearable heat.  As you may know by now, it was 125° F on the beach in the sun.  To put up antennas in the loose sand and heat, was quite a challenge.  During the duration of the trip, the crew walked many miles to get to the operating stations four times a day. Then they worked the endless pileups, which can be stressful.  Never did they complain about the job before them, making qso's in those hot tents.  Every crew member experienced some type of heat reaction at one time or another.  Some members endured other injuries as well, and two were hospitalized, so we had our challenges.  Everyone is home and fine now. .

To Swains owners, the Jennings family, you and your group were an enormous help to us.  The Island support team of thirteen native men and women worked tirelessly to see that our needs were met.  We couldn't ask for better hosts.  Including the off-island support crew, it took a total of 43 people to make this all happen.

QSL cards are ready to be printed and should be distributed in a few months.  If you need a card right away, please go to our OQRS link for your QSL card.

We want to thank all of our equipment sponsors; your equipment worked flawlessly.  And to the foundations, clubs and individuals who helped fund this trip, we are most appreciative of your generosity.  These trips to remote places are so expensive, that it would not be possible without your support.

It was a great honor for Craig and me to lead such an extraordinary team of highly experienced operators.  This was not the easiest trip any of us have been on, and you guys are the greatest.

Craig, K9CT
Joe, W8GEX

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